Canada joined the Asia-Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics since June of 2016.  The APCTP was founded 20 years ago with C. N. Yang as the Executive Director.  After him, Robert Laughlin became the executive director, and was there for 8 years.  The Center has a long history in organizing Korean as well as Asia-Pacific Theoretical physics activities.  There are over 15 member nations, many from the Asian side of the Asia Pacific theatre, but Australia is a member as is now Canada, the first member from the eastern edge of the Pacific Ocean.

The APCTP runs programs at its headquarters in Pohang, South Korea, as well as programs in its more than 15 member nations.

I encourage Canadians to participate in the programs that are already scheduled for the coming year at Pohang and in the member countries, but I also encourage Canadians to submit proposals to run programs in Canada and in Pohang.