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Quantum theory and Symmetry-XI

The 11th biannual symposium Quantum Theory and Symmetry was organized by Richard MacKenzie and Manu Paranjape of the GPP, along with  Yvan Saint-Aubin, Alfred Shapere, Luc Vinet and William Witczak-Krempa rounding out the local organizing committee.  The meeting was held from July 1st to July 5th, 2019, and hosted at the Centre de recherche mathématiques, Université de Montréal.

Over 190 participants came from all over the world.  There were 17 plenary speakers who gave 45 minute talks and the complement was mostly invited speakers who gave talks in 9 parallel sessions.  The topics of the parallel sessions and the corresponding Session Organizers were Algebraic Methods (Vincent Bouchard (Alberta) and Sarah Post (Hawaii)), Condensed Matter Physics (Nandini Trivedi (Ohio State) and William Witczak-Krempa (Montréal)), Cosmology and Gravitation (Robert Brandenberger (McGill) and Shahin Sheik-Jabbari (ISTPM, Tehran)), Integrability (Hubert Saleur (CEA-Saclay, USC) and Robert Weston (Heriot-Watts)), Non-perturbative QFT (Simon Caron-Huot (McGill) and Andrew Liam Fitzpatrick (Boston University)), Particle Physics (Geneviève Bélanger (CNRS, LAPPTH-Annecy) and Thomas Grégoire (Carleton, Ottawa)), Quantum Computing and Quantum Information Theory (Fédéric Dupuis (CNRS, Loria) and Christine Muschik (Waterloo)), Strings theory/ADS-CFT ((Keshav Dasgupta (McGill) and Anne Taormina (Durham)) and a Special Session in honour of Decio Levi: Integrability: discrete, classical and quantum ((Nalini Joshi (Sydney), Zora Thomova (SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica NY) and Pavel Winternitz (Montréal)).

The plenary sessions were held in S-151, Pavillon Jean-Coutu while the parallel sessions were held in a cluster of 6 rooms on the second floor of Pavillon Claire-McNicoll.  There was a banquet on Wednesday July 3rd at the restaurant Maggie Oakes on Place Jacques Cartier, Veille Ville de Montréal.  

The conference was found to be an overwhelming success!  For more information see the web-page:



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