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A Cosmological Constant Damping Scenario

Victor Massart
Université de Montréal

The cosmological constant and the discrepancy between its observed value and its theoretical estimate may be the worst prediction in the history of physics. In this talk, I will present a scalar-tensor scenario that can dynamically damp the cosmological constant and provide a viable solution to this fine-tuning problem. I will show that the effect of this model on the cosmological evolution is indistinguishable from the one predicted by general relativity and satisfies the fifth force constraint.

Jeudi, 8 Avril, 2021 - 11:00
Lieu de Séminaire: 
Zoom:https://umontreal.zoom.us/j/98209542004?pwd=RkhjMlNaWlVxdlVsdmIrNUc3aGtkUT09 Meeting ID: 982 0954 2004 Passcode: 215263
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