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The Photoinjector Test facility PITZ at DESY Zeuthen and the Tesla project

Juergen Baehr

A Photoinjector Test facility is in operation at DESY Zeuthen (PITZ) since end of 2001. The aim is to develop and operate an optimized photoinjector for future free electron lasers (FEL) and linear accelerators. In the first phase the energy of the produced electrons will reach about 5 MeV. A description of the photoinjector is given and first results will be presented as well as some special topics in the field of laser and electron beam diagnostics.
The PITZ facility in DESY Zeuthen is part of the preparation of the TESLA project. TESLA is the abbreviation for TeV Superconducting Linear Accelerator. This project consists of two main parts: The 30km long linear electron-positron collider and a X-ray Free Electron Laser (FEL). Both facilities will be described. The Tesla Test Facility (TTF) at DESY Hamburg is a running linac and FEL for the preparation of the TESLA project. In the last years remarkable results in the FEL research were obtained here.

Lundi, 2 Septembre, 2002 - 11:00
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