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Physics with the first 100 pb-1 with ATLAS and CMS

Ketevi Assamagan

The physics program at the LHC includes precision tests of the Standard Model (SM), the search for the SM Higgs boson up to 1 TeV, the search for the MSSM Higgs bosons in the entire parameter space, the search for Super Symmetry, sensitivity to alternative scenarios such as compositeness, large extra dimensions, etc. This requires general purpose detector with excellent performance. ATLAS and CMS are general purpose detectors at the LHC. The detector performance and the prospects for discoveries are studied in various detector performance and physics working groups. In this talk, I will discuss the discovery prospects with early data, up to 100 inverse picobarns of integrated luminosity.

Vendredi, 26 Septembre, 2008 - 10:00
Lieu de Séminaire: 
Room Z-215, Pavillon Roger Gaudry

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​Université de Montréal
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