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Selected Charm Readings From CLEO

David Asner

For 25 years the CLEO experiment at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring (CESR) was at the forefront of B-physics. During this time cutting edge results in charm physics were also produced - including the discovery of the Ds+, searches for charm mixing, and the study of charm meson dynamics. Recently, CLEO and CESR have been modified to run at charm production threshold. The CLEO-c research program will include studies of leptonic, semileptonic and hadronic charm decays, searches for exotic and gluonic matter, and test for physics beyond the Standard Model. Results from CLEO-c will improve our knowledge of the CKM matrix and extend the physics reach of the B-factories and the Tevatron.

Mardi, 5 Avril, 2005 - 15:30
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Room Z-209, Pavillion Roger Gaudry

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