Paul Taras
Professor of Physics
Université de Montréal

         Photo by Michèle Taras



Research activities in BaBar

At present, my interests lie in two areas:

CP violation in the B meson system

Extraction of Vub in semi-leptonic decays

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Administrative duties in BaBar

  • Executive Board: 1997-2000
  • Speakers'Bureau: 2002-2003
  • Collaboration Council: 1997-2005

  • Teaching activities

    Electricité et magnétisme PHY1441

    Manual: Electricité et magnétisme by Paul Taras

  • A sample of a lesson
  • Introduction à la Physique Expérimentale PHY1501

    Manual: Introduction à la Physique Expérimentale : Analyse des incertitudes sur une mesure by Paul Taras and Benoit Viaud

  • Lesson 1
  • Introduction à la Physique Nucléaire PHY3600

    Manual: Concepts de Physique Nucléaire by Paul Taras

  • A sample of a chapter
  • Laboratoires approfondis PHY3030

    Document: "Mesure de la parité des niveaux du 60 Ni" par Paul Taras

  • Document

  • Past research activities

    Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics; University of Toronto

    Principal investigator of the UdeM group in Helios & SDC

    Member of OPAL

    Co-manager in the design and management of the 8pi spectometer

    the best gamma-ray spectrometer in the world in the field of Nuclear Physics between 1986 and about 1996

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