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Flavor Physics: A window of Opportunities

Balaji Katlai

In this talk, we shall motivate the existence of new physics from present neutrino data. In contrast to quarks, neutrino data indicate large leptonic mixings with tiny masses. The well known seesaw mechanism explains small masses but needs additional inputs to explain large mixings. We shall discuss two very simple proposals based on the seesaw mechanism that do the job. We then use the Left-Right model (which naturally incorporates seeesaw) to connnect physics at electroweak scale to B-L breaking scale that is also consistent with current baryon asymmetry. Finally, we shall conclude with a road map for future prospects that correlates data from astro-physics to colliders.

Jeudi, 9 Mars, 2006 - 10:30
Lieu de Séminaire: 
Room V-221, Pavillon Roger Gaudry

Groupe de Physique des particules
​Université de Montréal
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